RIP Shakuntala Devi



It’s a sad day for all of us here to know that Shakunthala Devi, the Human Calculator from India is no more.


For the entire generation of students who have been inspired to love Mathematics, it is such an unbearable loss.


Shakunthala Devi

Shakunthala Devi


Growing up as a kid, I still remember when my mom used to recite stories about how this Indian girl called Shakunthala Devi would do complex Mathematics without using any Calculator. That was the kind of impact, she had on millions and millions of people like my mom who had never been to college. She made Mathematics look like Magic for all of us.


Hearing such stories, had an everlasting impression of a person who broke all the barriers, willing to push the boundaries, do super human things, and still be humble enough as an Indian and as a human being. If ever there was one Rockstar  in the field of Mathematics she has to be the one.


It took me till I came to Engineering to realize that Shakunthala Devi is like all of us is a normal human being and who is supremely gifted as a Mathematician. As a Engineering student preparing for job interviews, I remember all of us in our college would just prepare all the puzzles and brain teasers from Shakunthala Devi. That kind of gave us the confidence, that we can clear any job interview out there. For all that and much much more, THANK YOU SO MUCH.


It is such a great loss to the Mathematical community. Even though she is no more with us,   her legacy has a supremely talented Mathematician will live on forever.


Rest in Peace Shankunthala Devi, the Human Calculator.


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