MLM Network Marketing Software


MLM Network Software from MLM App Store is a powerful, feature rich web application designed for Network Marketing Business. This application lets you start running your network marketing / affiliate marketing / direct marketing business quickly. This web based software automates various aspects of the business, making it easy for you to run a large business with little intervention and less administration effort. It supports online payment gateways like Paypal, Payza(Alertpay), Skrill(moneybookers). It supports auto distributor activation, inbuilt shopping cart, instant commission payment to Pre Paid voucher, replicated websites, recurring fees etc.


  • Support Unilevel, Forced Matrix and Binary Plans. 15 level commission, auto-placement
  • Support for Paypal, AlertPay, Moneybrookers and other online payment gateways
  • Email and SMS supportMobile Friendly design with support for Desktop, Tablets and Mobile Phones
  • Simple User and admin interface
  • Support for multiple currencies, languages and time-zones
  • Very Affordable. Costs just $199. Single domain software license for lifetime. Free software update for 1 year
  • Software As a service(SAS) model also supported
  • Inbuilt Shopping Cart. Order Management, Instant sales commission
  • Replicated Website. Personalized Website URL to promote online
  • No Restrictions. No User limit. No monthly/yearly license renewal

For more details, please visit the website of MLM App Store at



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