How to multiply any number by 13

In this tutorial we are going to see how to multiply any number with 13. It is an extension of how to multiply any number with 11 and 12. In principle, the shortcut is very similar.Let us understand the steps with a simple example.

Example 1 :
Consider the multiplication 562 x 13

Step 1 : Starting from right, treble to right-most digit. So, we have 2, treble it to get 6.

Step 2
: Leaving the unit-digit, treble every digit and add the previous digit in the number taking care of the carry-forward in each step.

Step 3
: In the last step, just keep the last digit 5 as it is. This step is very important. You should not treble the digit in the last step.

The entire steps can be illustrated using the following figure :


Let us consider another example to make this shortcut clear.

Example 2 :
Consider the multiplication 5728 x 13

The steps are illustrated in the following figure. Notice that, we need to retain only digit in each step and the rest are carry-forward.


Example 3
: Consider the multiplication 8532 x 13


Very easy right :)

Using this shortcut, can you multiply the following:

  1. 446 x 13
  2. 8374 x 13
  3. 454 x 13
  4. 433848 x 13

I hope, you find this shortcut, very useful. Please leave a comment in the comment section or contact me with your feedback or comments. I would be glad to help.

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