How to divide a number when the divisor ends in digit 8 – Part 2?


This is the second part of our discussion on how to divide a number when the divisor ends in digit 8. If you have not gone through the first part, I advise you to go through that part here. This shortcut works when the denominator has a unit digit of 8. The traditional method of long division technique would often take a longer time.

Let us understand the steps with an example. I am using the same example, as used in the division shortcut with a unit digit of 9, so that we understand the difference.

Example 3 : Consider this example. Divide 436÷158.

Solution : Step 1 :  Reduce 436÷158 as follows :



Step 2 : Now, there is a small difference compared to the previous 2 examples. In the previous 2 examples, the numerator was less than the denominator. However, in this case, we have the numerator which is greater than the denominator.

In this division, we need to add the quotient with the rest of the digit (6) and put this digit next to the reminder.


So,  Therefore


Example 4 : Let us consider another example so that is clear to you. Divide 3462÷178.

Solution : Step 1 :  Reduce 3462÷178 as follows :




Step 2 :  Notice that numerator is greater than the denominator. There is a slight variation compared to the previous example.


So, Therefore


Try yourself:

Divide the following:

  1. 54343/138
  2. 1222/238
  3. 1349/128
  4. 2323/248


I hope, you find this article very useful. If you have any doubts or have any comments concerning this tutorial, Please leave a comment or contact me. I would be glad to help.


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