How to access Premium news articles for free ?


The best things in life don’t often come free. So, there is nothing like free lunches in this world right? The same is true with lot of news websites these days. There are a number of websites like New York Times, AutoSport where they classify the news articles as free articles and premium articles.




I am a big fan of F1 and often follow the news through However, few months back, they changed the policy where you could read only 30 articles per month for free. If you want to read any more articles, you need to subscribe to their news letter. Since, the very beginning, I was completely against premium news articles. According to me, there is nothing like premium news, news is news.


You know, asking for a social payment by becoming a fan in twitter or Facebook is one thing, and asking money to read the news is something which I was completely against. I was looking for a way to bypass this so-called firewall and be able to access the articles for free.


Most of these websites, store these information through combination of your local IP, browser cookies, in your local system. So, one way is to clear up all the session IDs, cookies from your system. Most often than not, you are not successful in clearing all the traces to be access the news articles.


So, here, I will tell you the step-by-step guide to access any premium articles/websites from any websites.

  1. Download the Tor Browser. It will let you browse any website anonymously. You can download the browser from here :
  2. Extract the Tor browser in the folder and run the application titled “Start Tor Browser.exe”.
  3. It will take some to lauch the application.  It will lauch the Firefox browser with Tor enabled. So, if you browse from this browser, you remain completely anonymous. Nobody would be able to track you or be able to save the session IDs, cookies etc.


You can browse any website and every time you browse their site, you are a new user and you can access any link without having to pay any money.

There is a setting in the Tor Control Panel in the system tray to obtain a new identity which will provide you with a new IP Address.


I hope you find this article useful. If you like this article, or if you have any queries, please leave a feedback, I would be glad to help.

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