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SapnaEdu is a premiere software company located in the heart of Chikmagalur. The company was started on 1st of July 2012 with a focus on Software Development and Software Consulting. The company is headed by Kiran Chandrashekhar, B.E., MS(Germany). He has worked extensively in both India and abroad in anumber of multinational companies. Over the last few months, we have developed and delivered Softwares tonumber of clients in Chikmagalur which include Auditors, Traders, and small business units. Simplicity and ease of use of software is the hallmark of our work.




SapnaEdu, for us is a mission to offer the best education for students preparing for competitive examinations. We have given so many of competitive examinations ourselves and have also faced failures in our pursuit. Looking back, we know now exactly why we failed in those examinations. In our opinion, the current system of education which we believe is among the best in the world, however does not does not prepare a student appearing for competitive examinations. Competitive examination requires a completely different kind of preparation. It’s not enough to know how to solve. It is very important to solve it really fast. This is where SapnaEdu with years of experience and its very unique method of teaching will bring in new ideas, and prepare the students appearing for competitive examinations.


Whether you are preparing for Bank examinations, Common Aptitude Test (CAT), GRE, MAT, UPSC Competitive examinations or any competitive examination for that matter, we truly believe, SapnaEdu can offer something very unique. We have a very simple mission, to make sure everyone from SapnaEdu deliver the best performance in the examination. We aim to provide the best possible assistance to help you pursue your dream.



We are interested in Freelance software development, software consulting and training related assignments. The best way is to reach us is to send an email at [email protected] If you would like to directly talk to us, call us at +91 – 7829713845.


  1. sir,

    I have seen your website.It is really very interesting.I want to know about the questions related to competitive exams and your tips regarding that.Kindly do me the favour

  2. Hi Kiran,

    I read your articles. Found those nice, especially the division short-cuts. Learnt those for the first-time. Would like to know the sources from where you picked those up.
    One query regarding digital sum, You described that it can be applied to division as well, but suppose the result of division contains recurring decimals like 1/7=0.142857142857…., How would you define digital sum for those “decimals”?
    Anyway..Thanks for those articals

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